Class: WMS


Used to display WMS services as tile layers on the globe.

new WMS(name, options)

Name Type Description
name string Layer name.
options Object Options:
Name Type Default Description
opacity number 1.0 optional Layer opacity.
minZoom number 0 optional Minimal visibility zoom level.
maxZoom number 0 optional Maximal visibility zoom level.
attribution string optional Layer attribution that displayed in the attribution area on the screen.
isBaseLayer boolean false optional Base layer flag.
visibility boolean true optional Layer visibility.
url string WMS url source.
width number 256 optional Tile width.
height number 256 optional Tile height.
layers string WMS layers string.
version string "1.1.1" optional WMS version.
  • - Triggered when current tile image has loaded before rendereing.
  • - Triggered when all tiles have loaded or loading has stopped.


  • XYZ



WMS tile height.


WMS tile width.


WMS layers string.